Composite Panels

Composite Panels


Introduced more than 40 years ago as aluminum composite materials (ACM), this product category has evolved to metal composite material (MCM), reflecting the inclusion of natural metal skins such as zinc, copper, stainless steel and titanium. Because it can be painted nearly any color, aluminum is still the predominant MCM skin material.

MCM is formed by joining two thin metal skins to a polyethylene or fire-retardant core and then bonded under a precise temperature, pressure and tension. This unique process makes MCM lighter and more versatile and flexible than a solid metal of similar thickness

MCM has transformed modern architecture. Building owners and architects wanting to make a design statement can look to the current generation of MCM for a wide range of interior and exterior options. The smooth, sleek material can be bent, curved and joined in various shapes, and MCM panels keep their luster for years with minimal maintenance. MCM turns buildings into timeless works of art.

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